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Wine, Whiskey & Cocktails

We wanted every bit of our restaurant to be a unique offering,

including our entire bar & beverage program.

The bar menu features craft cocktails that draw inspiration from Asian ingredients like umeshu (a liqueur made from Japanese plums) and yuzu (a Japanese citrus) honey, along with a spirited collection of Japanese whiskies.

At our wine bar, sample wine-by-the-glass from our proprietary "Wines By"™ program or—choose from our eclectic bottle list that offers you a small selection of wines if you want to try something from outside the region.

Our unique "Wines By"™ program celebrates the talents of local winemakers, who craft exclusive blends available only at Two Birds/One Stone. These wines-by-the-glass rotate among 12 different winemakers' passion projects, all perfectly balanced to accompany Chef Doug's and Chef Sang's food. Each wine is on tap from special small kegs and available only while they last.

We wanted to shine a light on the people who are making some of the finest wines in the world. So, we collaborated with individual producers across Napa and Sonoma to create special wines that are delicious, highly drinkable, highlight our food—and are only available in the restaurant.

Kevin Reilly, Master Sommelier

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