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Brother from another mother. Bromance. However you describe it, Chefs Sang Yoon and Douglas Keane have something going on.

It's not every day that two chefs of this caliber partner up on a restaurant, but we're glad they did. Friendship, having fun together, and knowing that collaboration would enable them to create something new and different made them do it.

Add in their love of Asian cuisine, similar approach to food, the historic space at Freemark Abbey, and—for Chef Sang especially—the opportunity to work with the region's incredible produce and farm products, and Two Birds/One Stone was born.

We wanted to create a fun and memorable experience for people, and serve up food that is really us on a plate. Something that surprises, something new for Napa Valley, but also simply delicious and easy.

Douglas Keane

Partner and maître d' extraordinaire Nick Peyton
Partner and grill master Douglas Keane
Our inspiration is the bounty of northern California, and the farmers and producers who grow it. We partner with them to bring the freshest, most flavorful, of-the-moment products into our menu and onto your plate. 



Peter Seghesio,

Managing Proprietor, Journeyman Meat Company

When Peter was only three years old, his father, Eugene “Pio” Seghesio, and his father’s best friend, George Dominichelli, began teaching him how to craft sausage and cure meat. Pete learned how to harvest the farm-raised hogs to create fresh sausage, salumi, and other cured meats, carrying on a multi-generational tradition common among the area’s Italian families.

In 1987, Peter took on the family business, Seghesio Family Vineyards. Under Pete’s leadership, the hundred-year-old family winery quickly earned national accolades for the Zinfandel produced from the family’s historic vineyards.


In 2011, the Seghesio family passed the company on to new hands in order to make room for a new legacy, and Pete began drafting plans to open a business unlike any other in the country: a shop dedicated to crafting Italian-style meats with the same skill and attention that goes into producing wine. With the help of his wife, sister, aunt, and uncle, Journeyman Meat Co. was born.


Dine in a piece of history. Originally constructed in 1886, the structure graces the Freemark Abbey label, one of the valley’s legacy wineries, renowned for its participation in the pivotal Judgment of Paris wine tasting of 1976—a distinction that placed the Napa Valley squarely on the world wine stage.


Read more about the renovation and history.


Visit the winery.

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